What to Bring

What To Bring

Weather in Northern Michigan at the end of August is generally in the 70s during the day and 50s at night, so bring appropriate clothing.  Rain gear is also handy.

Lower Herring Lake is a small inland lake, and its temperatures in August are usually in the 70s.  While it seems warm, a day spent in the water can get chilly, so bring appropriate gear (see below).

Surface water temperatures on Lake Michigan can vary drastically depending on factors like wind.  If you plan to paddle on Lake Michigan, plan for water temperatures in the low 60s.  Dress for immersion, not air temperature.

As mentioned, Qajaq USA provides some gear for use on a trial basis.  You should plan to bring the following personal paddle gear:


-Greenland paddle (Paatit)

-Spray skirt (preferably full neoprene), aquilisaq, or tuilik

-USCG-Approved Life Jacket.  An inflatable belt or vest is acceptable for roll practice

-Bilge pump and bailing sponge

-Helmet for surf or rough water play

-Floatation/sea sock for kayaks without bulkheads on Lake Michigan

-Paddle clothing:  Dry suit, wet suit, insulation layers, rash guards, or   any clothing you would wear for the temperatures we expect

-Nose plugs, ear plugs, or dive mask, if you wear them

-Any other Greenland-specific gear you would like to bring: norsaq, avataq, harpoon, bird dart



-Water shoes

Camp Gear and Personal Items:

-Sleeping Bag




-Bathing suit




-Camp shoes (dry)

-Money for auction/raffle (cash/check/card)

-Rope for clothesline to dry wet gear

-Refillable water bottle

-Rain coat

-Camp chair for beach bonfires

-Non-alcoholic beverages of choice (juice, soda, pop, tea)

-Alcoholic beverages are allowed after the completion of all paddling activities

-There is reasonable cell phone coverage, but limited outlets for chargers.  Bring your charger, but a backup battery is a good idea as well.