Henry Davies


I have been paddling almost exclusively with a paatit since 2001 (I only, grudgingly, use a modern paddle when working with others who use them). I have been attending and mentoring at Qajaq TC since 2004 (ok, I missed one year). Recently I seem to have become a regular mentor at the Traditional Paddlers Gathering in Minnesota as well. I enjoy helping people learn and improve their rolls. I am somewhat of a slow learner rolling-wise, so as a group we make more progress when I help others. That isn’t to say that I can’t roll. I can perform more than several rolls, both layback and forward finishing, with and without a pattit, all on both sides (on a good day). What I really want to see is everyone move beyond just rolling with their pattit and become proficient at paddling their qannat (qajaqs). Qannat aren’t just for rolling, they are for hunting. I use mine to hunt for scenery! In 2018, I took two expeditions in the Great Lakes: one of 160 miles over 2 weeks and a solo expedition of 190 miles over 7 days. Nothing is more fun than hugging the cliffs along a Lake Superior shoreline, matching each rock and cove with the maneuvers of your qajaq — except maybe doing it in some wind and waves. I feel that I have a fairly efficient set of strokes and if you want, I can help you there as well. I mentor at several events each summer. I paddle on expeditions of a week or so once or twice a summer. As my summer job, I guide kayak day trips for Northern Waters Adventures in the Pictured Rocks, where I also train the kayak guides.