Chuck Smith

I’m Chuck Smith, and I build things. I built my first SOF in 2004. Since then, I’ve built about 10 SOF’s for me, one woody, and one inflatable/folder. I’ve run some big group builds, some big SOF building classes, and many clinics at various events. Paddles, practice harpoons, norsaqs, neoprene stuff, float bags, whatever. I build things. I especially like helping OTHERS to build things. I also paddle things. Qajaqs, canoes, whatever. Right side up, upside down, somewhere in between – it’s all good. I like coming home at the end of a day or the end of a trip. I also like it when my friends come home. I like to help people learn skills that might help them either stay in their qajaq, get back in their kayak (with or without help), and most importantly, have some idea of the importance of matching their skills and gear with anticipated conditions.